Île Pinette, Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire

“L’île Pinette” is an island on the Loire river, located in the South-East of Nantes city, in France.

The island is a part of the municipality of Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire, near the left bank of the river which it separated by an arm of the river, named the Boireau.
It measures 55 ha. (135.908 acres) North of Pinette Island is Heron Island from which it is separated by another arm, named the Gourdeau.
The island is connected by several bridges to the left bank of the river and to Forget Island, slightly downstream.

Situation map

19/10/19 : After watching this excellent video (On film only : See the World Through the Hasselblad Xpan) I was wondering :
How about doing bird photography using Hassleblad Xpan?
So, instead of gluing my 400 mm lens to an Xpan camera, I cropped a couple of my blue tits pictures (above), using the 65:24 aspect ratio.

I am quite happy with the result : It certainly add something to the subject surroundings, and looks more active. I will definitively continue experimenting with this format.

Robin singing on a branch near the river Loire.

Egret fishing in the Boireau creek

19/10/24 : These two birds seem to know each other for ages. 😄 Heron is yawning wile Egret is looking for crayfishes behind him. Heron didn’t catch any fish, at the Boireau creek this morning.

10/10/24 : Panorama pictures taken on my way to Pinette island.