Photo Session Report #1 – Nantes Botanical Garden 09/12-13

Great photo session : Fine weekend of September 12~13 2020, beautiful weather and a lot of birds. Must wear mask to enter the Botanical Garden, and taking pictures with the mask on is quite difficult. Hot air from my nose creates mist on the camera eyepiece. At first, i thought the birds will mind my clear blue mask, but they didn’t notice it at all.

Most of the time, i stayed on the lookout for bathing birds near a little cascade in the East side of the garden.

The two robins, were in the middle of a boundary dispute : Juvenile Robin is taking part in the robin society.

“Dr. Willow Warbler, I presume?”
And if I am wrong, because it is a chiffchaff (obviously!) let me know in the comments !
My guess is : It’s a first autumn juvenile Willow Warbler. What’s yours? 😉

A sequential view of the bathing Goldcrest :

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  1. Je ne peux résister à un oiseau au bain surtout quand il s’agit de l’adorable Roitelet ! Superbes séquences Loys !!

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